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Chili Oil 207ml


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Chili oil is a spicy condiment made from chili peppers that have been steeped in oil. It is commonly used in Chinese cuisine as a flavoring agent and a condiment. The oil is typically made by heating vegetable oil and then adding chili flakes or whole dried chili peppers, along with other seasonings such as Sichuan peppercorns, garlic, and ginger. The mixture is then left to steep, infusing the oil with the heat and flavor of the chili peppers. Chili oil is used to add heat and flavor to a variety of dishes, such as noodles, dumplings, and stir-fries. It is also used as a dipping sauce or a condiment for meats, vegetables, and rice dishes. Its bold and spicy flavor profile makes it a popular condiment in many cuisines.